What is MenProtocol ?

A pre-select only private club, housing the most forward-thinking and like-minded global business leaders and innovators who are building on their future legacies via models of MenProtocol.

Connection, Class and Custody. The Protocol through its pursuit of excellence, provides modern tools to obtain, grow, sustain and safeguard multi-generation of wealth/health, and legacy globally.

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August 2024

Open Mastermind Event

Event : Public
Duration : 4 days
Location : Portugal
Capacity : 21/35 tickets left

|Difficulty level : 1/10|

5000$ / Send a request

October 2024

Special Unit Event

Event : Private
Duration : 6 days
Location : Confidential
Capacity : 13/20 tickets left

|Difficulty level : 8/10|

5000$ / Send a request

What is inside ?


Expand your contact list with pre-selected worldwide group of people. Reach out for help and be willing to provide in exchange. Build businesses and share ideas with partners you can trust.


Providing with unique and private events with focus on health & wealth abundance of club members. Inviting head members and special guests on whole variety of topics to mentor on. Random and closed for average eye event locations and guaranteed impact afterwards.

Unique Experiences

The most memorable days and activities that you will ever be a part of. Don't hesitate a lot or you risk to lose your spot to experience it.

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Feel free to contact us and we will happily answer your questions and help you to guarantee your place on event

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