About Us

 Found in 2023 MenProtocol was chosen to be a revolutionary platform for men around the globe. Lack of men bond,father figure,usefull education or mentor role and simply trust-worthy connections with like-minded people were the reasons of community foundation.

As time goes on small group of people gain an interest of audience from outside the group and decided to open it´s doors for new members. Although membership access stays free of charges the selection of new members is raising in it´s quality and complexity to maintain the high-standart principles that were set from the beginning.

As for now main focus of MenProtocol is heath&wealth abundance of it´s members alongside with inspiration and example for those outside the boat. Information and support is being provided via offline events and masterminds across the globe.

Core principles of MenProtocol brand being honor,respect,masculinity,consciousness,responsibility,ambition,truth. Whenever you see the brand acting or making decisions that always come from this foundation.

More about private club and it´s activities you can find in our social media, link below this page.


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